Housing & Dining


OPE体育的一个显著特点是它的小, 为本科生和研究生提供住宿社区. Nearly all of the University's undergraduates and 70 percent of the graduate students live on our beautiful campus, 这为生活创造了一个紧密联系的环境, studying and relaxing.

Undergraduate Housing


The heart of undergraduate residential life at Princeton lies in our six residential colleges, 在大学内部形成小型社区的宿舍群. The opportunities and resources provided at the colleges — from cultural events and intramural sports to study breaks — help students pursue their interests and get involved, 员工在附近提供建议和支持.

Most upperclass students live in individual dormitories that are not part of a residential college, 他们有各种各样的用餐选择, 包括在餐厅吃饭, taking their meals at one of the 11 historic coed eating clubs along Prospect Avenue or joining food co-ops, 学生们是集体用餐还是单独用餐.

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Students from the University of Cambridge and the Chinese University of Hong Kong visited Princeton this fall as part of a residential college exchange program. During the spring, Princeton undergraduates were hosted by students at those two universities.

Residential Colleges

As an admitted student, one of the most exciting moments is learning which residential college you will call home — Butler, First College (formerly Wilson),  Forbes, Mathey, Rockefeller, or Whitman. 每一所大学都通过其独特的亚文化提供一种社区感.

当你到达住宿学院时, you'll be greeted by a team ready to support you in your academic and personal endeavors. Each college has a faculty head, dean, director of studies and director of student life. 本科生也可以从住宿学院的顾问那里得到支持和指导, who are upperclassmen, and resident graduate students. 而每一所大学都有其独特的建筑风格, they all contain dining halls, common rooms, laundry rooms, academic spaces, 以及艺术和娱乐资源.

住宿学院是校园住宿生活的中心. 在大学里你会遇到一些最亲密的朋友, share meals with professors, learn new skillsets and more. Throughout the year, 大学之间通过激烈的竞争进行互动, social events, 课间休息和校内运动, 所有这些都有助于定义大学生活.

三所住宿学院招收各班的学生, while the other three residential colleges house only first-year students and sophomores. 在你大二结束的时候, you'll decide whether to continue living in a residential college or move into upperclass housing. Either way, the relationships you develop at your college will follow you throughout your undergraduate experience and beyond. 事实上,你会回到你的家乡大学领取你的文凭.

Undergraduate Dining Options

Students eating in dining hall

First-years and sophomores eat most of their meals at their residential college dining hall. 三年级和四年级学生可以在住宿学院用餐, 或者加入饮食俱乐部或学生食品合作社. In addition, students can eat at campus cafés, the Center for Jewish Life, or local restaurants, 或者在宿舍厨房自己准备食物.

Undergraduate Meal Plans 

Residential Dining Halls

住宿学院的食堂不仅仅是学生们吃东西的地方. 他们在这里与朋友联系, unwind, 通过食物和语言体验其他文化, 扩大他们在OPE体育官网的家庭.

OPE体育的每个本科生住宿学院都设有食堂. 每个餐厅都有自己的厨师,他们创造健康, 使用科学的烹饪原则为每种口味和偏好提供可持续的菜单.

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Princeton's 11 eating clubs serve as dining facilities and social centers for their members.

Eating Clubs

饮食俱乐部为其成员提供餐饮设施和社交中心. The 11 clubs, which are co-ed, are open to juniors and seniors, 大约三分之二的学生加入了一个俱乐部. 位于展望大道沿线的房屋, 俱乐部由学生官员和校友委员会独立运作.

The clubs serve daily meals, and most members live on campus while eating at their club. Some eating club members who live in a residential college split their meal plans between their college and club. Financial aid awards for juniors and seniors include increased allowances for meals to help cover the cost of eating club membership.

俱乐部的设施包括游戏室、图书馆、学习空间和媒体室. 饮食俱乐部的成员活动包括晚餐讨论, dances, intramural sports, 社区服务项目和电影之夜, and the clubs also host events, such as parties and concerts, for the larger campus community. 俱乐部的会员资格是终生的, and alumni often visit their clubs for a meal with fellow alums or current undergraduates when they come back to campus.

其中有五家俱乐部是最先来的, first-serve membership policies, 其中6个俱乐部有学生申请入会的筛选程序. Any student who isn't admitted to a selective club may sign in to a club with open membership.

Eating Clubs 

Student Food Cooperatives

低年级和高年级学生可以参加其中一个 co-ops, 包括素食和国际选择, that operate on campus and provide their members kitchen access and a common food supply. 这些学生团体一起做饭和吃晚餐, sharing chores like cleaning, shopping, baking and even gardening. Since each co-op has several dozen members, each student is only required to cook one night a week. 欢迎所有学生,不论烹饪经验.

Independent Dining

Some juniors and seniors organize their own dining arrangements and cook on their own or eat in campus dining places and local restaurants. 许多“独立学生”住在斯佩尔曼堂, 有带厨房设施的四人套房吗. 

Graduate Housing

As a graduate student, 你可能会住在研究生院哥特式的宿舍里, 在卡耐基湖边的一间公寓里, 与住宿学院的本科生一起作为住宿研究生, or off campus.

The Graduate School provides University housing for about 70 percent of graduate students, 一年级学生优先. While the Graduate College and Annexes offer dormitory housing for students without dependents, the Lakeside apartments and townhouses and Lawrence Apartments are available for graduate students and their families.

各种毕业生住房社区的设施包括运动场, barbecue areas, a coffee house, computing and study spaces, exercise rooms, garden plots, 21岁以上的私人俱乐部(D-Bar), parking, 游乐场和台球桌. In addition to a central Graduate Student Life Team that organizes intellectual, cultural, service and social events, committees at each residential community provide a forum to discuss housing issues and plan programs. Princeton's TigerTransit shuttles connect graduate student housing to the center of campus and to local shopping centers.

Graduate Student Dining


Graduate students living at the Graduate College are required to sign a dining contract for one of the specified meal plans, 允许学生在学校的宝洁大厅用餐, any residential college dining hall or the Center for Jewish Life's kosher dining hall. 不住在研究生院的研究生也可以购买膳食计划. Graduate students may also buy meals at a variety of cafés around campus and around town.

Graduate Meal Plans 

Dining Around Campus

Pizza on table

Every day across campus, 数以百计的人工作,为学生提供健康, delicious foods and beverages. OPE体育获奖的校园餐饮团队庆祝食材的多样性, 地道的全球美食和本地采购的可持续产品.

Kosher & Halal Dining

The dining hall at the Center for Jewish Life (CJL) 是否符合犹太教规,由东正教联盟监督,并对所有学生开放. 住宿食堂提供清真选择, and students may arrange to have kosher meals from the CJL delivered to their dining hall.

Retail Dining 

Serving everything from made-to-order salads to comfort food to locally roasted coffee, 有一系列的cafés在整个校园的学生, faculty, staff and visitors gather. 弗里斯特校园中心的美食画廊, which resembles a food court, 提供一系列的冷热物品, 从玉米饼到新鲜的寿司卷.

Campus Cafés

Eating in Town

OPE体育官网提供越来越多的餐馆, cafés, coffee shops, farmer's markets, 卖自制啤酒的酒吧和其他有学生的地方, 教职员工与当地居民混在一起. Whether you're craving a steaming bowl of ramen or some of the nation's best ice cream, members of the University community nourish their spirits in the neighborhoods surrounding campus.

Living in Princeton