Oct. 13, 2021, 11 a.m.

As part of the University-wide effort to combat systemic racism, Princeton has published its first 强调多元化、公平和包容工作的年度报告 across campus. 该报告提供了项目概况, 2020-21学年期间的项目和倡议, 还包括关于学生的人口和气候数据, staff, 教师和博士后学者. 

“这所大学的卓越在于吸引, supporting and embracing talented people from all backgrounds and with a variety of perspectives and viewpoints,Christopher L总裁. Eisgruber在报告的前言中说.

In summer 2020, 艾斯格鲁伯向大学内阁提出了要求 — senior academic and administrative leaders — with developing action plans and programs to address systemic racism at Princeton and beyond.

“I challenged my colleagues to consider all aspects of our institution — from our academic enterprise to daily operations — and to develop concrete strategies for promoting racial 在校园的公平,以及与他人的合作,在OPE体育的大门之外,”艾斯格鲁伯说. “Since then, students, faculty, staff and alumni have come together to grapple with difficult questions about the path forward as well as identify renewed ways to fight racism and other forms of hate.”

The 2020 - 21年度报告 focuses on racial equity efforts and is organized around the following three themes that were prominent last academic year: climate, inclusion and equity; the academic experience; and access and outreach.

Michele Minter, 负责机构公平和多样性的副教务长, 大学已经在多样性方面加倍努力, 过去十年的公平和包容. Publishing an annual report is one way the University will hold itself accountable and evaluate its progress.

“要认识到,整体的改变不能通过一些高调的姿态来实现, every administrative and academic leader is being held accountable for demographic evolution, 在其影响范围内的包容性气候和其他系统性变化,明特在报告的前言中说. “The University-wide commitments announced in September 2020 are only a small subset of the dozens of individual actions that administrative units and academic departments have pledged to make in support of racial equity.”

Minter补充说大学的多样性, 公平和包容工作是一个全社区的过程, drawing 数以百计的学生、教师、博士后学者、工作人员和校友的投入.

未来的报告将提供类似的年度更新, 随着对更加多元化的理解, 公平和包容需要持续, 各个年代的承诺.

“OPE体育在种族平等方面的投资是[2020-21]报告的一个主题, 但该报告也提供了其他新的和正在进行的校园举措的重点,”Eisgruber说. “这些活动代表着前进的一步,而不是结束. Our continuing commitment to being an excellent and diverse institution in which every member thrives will require sustained effort. We will hold ourselves accountable over time and report … both our successes as well as our challenges.”

To read the 完整的报告在网上 或下载 PDF,请浏览 机构公平和多样性办公室网站. 关于正在进行的打击系统性种族主义的努力的更新也可以在 种族平等的网站. A few highlights from the 2020-21 report’s three topic areas are below; please read the report for the full scope of diversity, 股权和包容性更新. 


  • A new general education distribution requirement in the area of culture and difference was established for undergraduates.
  • The Office of the Dean for Research launched new initiatives to expand leadership and participation of groups historically underrepresented in research, 创新与企业家精神. The office’s September 2021 Empower conference focused on celebrating Black entrepreneurs from throughout academia.
  • 设立了一个新的土著研究资助教授职位, 搜救工作正在进行中.
  • 教师多元化咨询委员会重新成立.
  • The University reaffirmed its aspirations to increase the number of underrepresented tenured and tenure-track faculty members by 50% within five years.
  • OPE体育迎来了第三批总统博士后研究员. The program recognizes and supports scholars who can contribute to the University’s diversity, broadly defined, including members of groups who have been historically or are presently underrepresented in the academy or particular disciplines.


  • 公共与国际事务学院将伍德罗·威尔逊的名字从学院名称中去掉.
  • The trustee Committee on Principles to Govern Renaming and Changes to Campus Iconography recommended overarching principles for naming, 重新命名和改变校园形象.
  • Juneteenth was established as an official University holiday and employees were given free copies of the book “On Juneteenth” by Annette Gordon-Reed.
  • 研究生院推出了一个新的包容性领导力学习队列.


  • 教务长德博拉·普伦蒂斯(Deborah Prentice)正在监督OPE体育的一项重大扩建 社区教育工作, with one initiative focused on enhancing existing programs such as the Prison Teaching Initiative and a second initiative exploring the development of a new, 成人学习者学位授予计划.
  • The Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity was established in April 2021 to enhance and expand the University’s long-standing commitment to college access and success for talented first-generation and lower-income students (FLI) at Princeton or other universities.
  • The Office of Finance and Treasury adopted a multi-year supplier diversity action plan in March 2021.
  • The Pace Center for Civic Engagement established the Princeton RISE (Recognizing Inequities and Standing for Equality) grant program for students to spend the summer working with a campus or community partner on a project that explores and advocates for racial justice.